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A crystal is a natural formed mineral.

Some certain quartz crystals are estimated to be as much as 500 million years old, They grow in natural shapes that can take as long as 300 years to form

The diamond has a natural shape of eight sides. The quartz has six, because of the spectacular way they form, many people think that these crystals have been carved. The pyrite is usually a perfect cube, it is a wonder to be seen.

All crystals, whether they are a piece of white quarts, costing pennies or a sapphire costing a fortune, have wonderful healing properties.

They are also used for scrying, i am sure you have heard of the "crystal ball".

The power of crystals come from the structure of them, their symmetry and their power to inspire tranquility, strenth, fear, happiness, health and many other aids to our consciousness.You can enhance your life with crystals in many ways. There are many books on the subject and indeed, you will need to buy a good reference book that lists the hundreds of stones and their meanings.



What are dreams? Do they come from the past, the present or the future? Some people claim that their dreams fortell the things that are going to happen while others think that they are merely reminders of past events. Whatever you choose to believe, one thing is for sure, a person having a vivid dream will always question it's meaning.




About Meditation


Meditation is an ageless, natural process by whitch the mind is stilled and a deep inner peace is experienced.


The benefits of meditation are manifold and include:


*Reduced stress

*Lower blood pressure

*Inproved sleep patterns

*Less anxiety

*Srengthened immune system

*Greater energy levels

*Improved self confidence

*Better decition-making abilities

*Heightened memory function

*Beter understsnding of yourself

*Reduction in mood swings

*Greater tolerance

The list is endless.


Once the first two are addressed' the third happens automaticlly. Connection to this inner stillness brings the mind  body and spirit into to balance, then healing of the whole self can begin.

This is a basic explenation of meditation. as you progress with practice you will discover that ther is much more to this ancient tool for personal and spiritual growth and develop a deeper understanding of you and spirit and the world we live in.          This site is dediccated to anchoring your spiritual live.




To become a Spiritual  healer you must first look to your own well being.

It would be beneficial for you to learn some disciplines such as meditation and self-awareness.

Take care of yourself, exercise, eat good healthy food and more importantly, allow yourself time for some good rest and relaxation.

You must also be patient and non-judgemental.

There must be a good rapport between the patient and the healer, so to learn good communication skills would be an asset. The healing will be much more successful when the patient is feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Here are some basic steps to put you on the right path to becoming a Spiritual Healer.

Every human has one,two or more spirit guides.Your first task is to try to connect with one of them. This is done through meditation.

The room must be silent. You must sit comfortably, Try to empty your mind of thoughts.

This can be done by fixing your eyes on something. Try an open fire or a candle flame, If you prefer, you can close your eyes and concentrate on chanting a specific word like "hum".

To come to a meditative plateau in your consciousness is not easy; it will take a lot of perseverence.

After some time, when your mind is clear of all marerial thoughts, you need to imagine yourself walking through a forest.

You are following a path, which leads you deep into a wonderful place. You can see the sunlight through the trees and smell the scent of fresh grass, glistening with dew.

You come to a stream, you cross it, stepping on small rocks, you can see the water trickling by, When you come to the other side of the stream the grass feels soft under your feet; you walk along slowly, there is a wonderful feeling of tranquility.

 You see a beautiful lake; it stretches out in front of you and as you walk up to the edge you see the reflection of someone;it does not disturb you because you feel a sense of peaceand kindness.

You will turn to speak to this person. He or she is your spirit guide.

At first you will speak very little, if at all.

But with every new visit you will learn to communicate more freely.


Astral Magic- Simple Ways To Manifest Positive Magic With Astral Travel


There are a few simple methods that anyone who can astral travel can use to improve their life. Astral travel can be used in many ways to achieve this.

Man has used the astral planes and alternate realities to affect the physical world from the earliest times. Shamans enter astral realms to help, cure and protect people from things they could not see. Shamans can bring elements or parts of alternative realities into existence for short periods of time. The degree of enduring change possible depends upon the Shaman's skill, how much energy is being used,and how big a change is attempted.

Magic can be used to manipulate the unseen forces that are at work in and around your life. Everyone knows what makes him or her happy or unhappy. Many times i have looked at what was going on in my life and wanted to change things. I'm sure you have too, But how do we go about changing things to make life better for us?

The first thing to do is write down what would make you happy and what is causing you problems, The easiest things to work on are things like a new vehicle or material objects to resolve problems.

I once had a car that really was a problem, Every time i started to get ahead, the darn thing broke down and took all my hard earned money for repairs, I was tired of these recurring problems, but i could not afford another as my current car was doing such a good job of taking all my money.

Finally i decided to use astral magic to get rid of that lemon of a vehicle, I carefully planned out what i was going to do, There is a real time plane when you astral travel, This is the plane most similar to real life, You can form and shape anything you want in the asrtral plane because it is a fluid enviroment that is affected by the power of mind.






There is no easy answer to this.

The chances of the reader seeing the clients death is very small. Personally, i have only ever seen the death of my client on one occasion and the client told me that she was dying at the very same moment so this eased the situation. If you ever come across a problem like this, always remember that you must not put an idea into a persons head which could lead to a catastrophe. I have often seen the death of a loved one or friend but i would rarely give an exact name unless i felt that the client could warn the person, thus preventing it from happening.You must always put yourself in the shoes of the client and when you see bad things be very careful how you tell them. I would say "beware of a trip in a vehicle", rather than, "there is going to be an accident in a car".Another question i am asked many times,       "WHERE DOES YOUR GIFT COME FROM"

I believe that neither i nor any other readers have divine powers, we are simply interpreting the cards. Any one could learn to read the Tarot, it just takes practice and concentration. Granted, occasionally i would get a voice in my head that could be words very significant to the client.When that happens i can only say that somebody wants to communicate and they are using me to do it.

Dont be afraid of these messages, a good person would never recieve communications from a bad spirit.


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Legend has it that a Norse warrior called Odin,seeking wisdom and understanding of life and death, fasted without food or water, hanging upside down from the world tree, After nine days, he saw a vision of the runic symbols,Since this time, aided by viking travels, the runes have been exported to much of europe. The runes are an alphabet of symbols that represent energies and meanings and that also lend themselves to the use of intuition- feeling for further information beyond the description of each stones meaning. The runes can be used to help us understand ourselves and the world around us better by asking questions and then casting the runes for answers.

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